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Glassimetal Technology is an innovation company focused on commercializing a novel manufacturing technology for high performance metallic products. Optimally designed and processed, our products developed using our proprietary manufacturing expand the boundaries of metal performance.

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Our Team


World-renowned scientists and technologists advancing the boundaries of possible. From concept material to hardware engineering, we develop essentials in design for advanced manufacturing. Our combined industry expertise with a pedigree of top ranking scientific institutions, tally 30 years in the business crafting theorems to parts.


Management Team


Professor William Johnson

Chairman and Co-Founder

Marios Demetriou, PhD

Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder

Maximilien Launey, PhD

Chief Technology Officer


Our Facilities

Located 15 minutes from downtown Los Angeles and 30 minutes from Bob Hope Burbank Airport, our spacious building is easy to access for on-site client interaction. 10,000 square feet of nimble working space uniquely positions us to sprint prototype-to-proofs and expedite collaboration.

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Our Journey


We were founded in March 2010 with a mission to bridge academic knowledge with industry practice. Our team has grown x3 times in size, expanding the product portfolio and market footprint. Beyond brainstorms and workshops, we share home baked bread, afternoon espressos, wine tastings & holidays together. 

Our technology redefines the limits of performance and manufacturing of metal parts.
— Professor William L. Johnson, Chairman and Co-Founder