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Product Development & Commercialization


We provide our clients with superior engineering alloys and a breakthrough manufacturing platform that offers performance, economy, and sustainable materials technology for the production of high performance metal components. We can support you in the design, alloy selection and processing stages of your product development and roadmap.

Glassimetal’s technology represents the first major innovation in our product line in decades.
— CEO, Medical Company

Our wide catalog offer alloys that provide the performance required by your product whether it is strength, hardness, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, cost effectiveness or cosmetic appeal. 

Rapid Discharge Forming (RDF) provides a platform for thermoplastic injection molding highly amenable to automation, characterized by high yield and throughput, reduced cycle time and low labor intensity. RDF enables production of high-precision net shape parts with minimal post processing, lower inventory and production based upon just-in-time process.

Compared to state of the art, our unique material properties give access to thinner sections, greater complexity, minimal size and enhanced control (tolerances).




Commercial RDF Platform

Owing to inherently short processing times (<1sec), an all-electronic foundation, and ability to process in open air, the RDF processing platform is highly amenable to advanced automation.

Today’s industrial-scale injection molding machines are designed to be highly modular for easy interchangeability of machine components.  An “RDF Module“ is highly adaptable and can be easily incorporated and programmed in a modular injection molding machine.

In collaboration with commercial vendors for injection molding discharge power supplies, Glassimetal is currently designing an “RDF Module“ that will be build and incorporated into a fully-automated, industrial-scale injection molding machine by the end of 2018.

The commercial RDF injection molding machine is specified to have throughput and cycle times typical of plastics injection molding.  With these specifications, the RDF injection molding platform will deliver high performance metal products with the speed, output, and cost effectiveness of plastics molding.


Commercial Feedstock Production

The RDF processing platform utilizes amorphous rodstock as feedstock.  Amorphous rodstock is currently produced by thermally processing the alloy in its molten state using a proprietary casting route.

Glassimetal partnered with a commercial feedstock vendor to establish commercial supply of alloy ingot (crystalline form), and  scaled up its internal amorphous rodstock processing to meet commercial demand in the next two years. 


Our Services


Our experts provide characterization services to evaluate the performance of your product. We offer mechanical, thermal, corrosion, and biocompatibility testing capabilities.

Don't find the perfect alloy you are looking for? Our team can help you develop an alloy tailored to your application.  

We provide fast prototyping capabilities for concept evaluation. Our team provides mold tool design expertise and injection molding trials on our RDF system.


Our Industries


Our relationships run deep. We partner with clients across many fields to help them develop high performance metal components.












Our Licensing

We license our Intellectual Property portfolio to "end user" companies, who want to manufacture and sell products using our proprietary technology. Our portfolio includes about 300 cases filed worldwide including the United States, Mexico, Europe, Japan, South Korea, China, Hong Kong, India, Malaysia, Australia & Brazil. Our types of Intellectual Properties include composition of matter, method & article of manufacture.

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Work With Us

Fast prototyping and turnaround time
Focused on process innovation
Proven track record
Small and flexible team
World class alloy experts

This technology represents a major breakthrough in conventional metal manufacturing.
— Director of Research, Civil Construction Company